Meet Mr. Angry

Travis Angry is a Republican candidate for the Arizona State Senate in Legislative District 4, covering Buckeye, Goodyear, Palo Verde, Arlington, Gila Bend, Ajo, and much of Yuma. Voters across the district face a variety of struggles from healthcare to providing for their families to education. Travis is running to expand the economy, open opportunities for more Arizonans, improve education, support secure borders, and protect constitutional freedoms from the right to life to free speech to the Second Amendment. 

Travis is no stranger to the difficulties faced by families across the district. He is a resident of Goodyear, Arizona and a Christian, Conservative, and Republican, in that order. After overcoming his own struggles as a directionless youth, Travis went on to serve in the United States Navy and Army, graduate from college, pursue an MBA, and launch an inspirational youth outreach organization, The Change Youth Project. He battled cancer and survived three times, using his experiences to advocate for better treatment for our Veterans. Growing up with parents who were both educators, Travis knows the value of education in opening opportunities for our kids and young adults. 

Travis is hardworking and passionate about serving our country and helping his fellow Arizonans improve their lives. As a Veteran, he feels called to continue his service through representing his district in the Arizona State Senate. He is committed to listening to the concerns of voters across the district and always adhering to the Constitution of the United States. 

Ask Mr. Angry

U.S. Navy


U.S. Army


In 2004, Travis, who served both in the United States Navy and Army, was diagnosed with Stage IIB Hodgkin’s Lymphoma after returning home from serving in Operation Iraq Freedom and while stationed at Atsugi Air Base in Japan.

2004 – Present

Travis Angry is a Christian conservative, highschool dropout, college graduate, and veteran with an incredible story as a three times cancer and transplant survivor.

November 2011

University of Phoenix, MBA Graduate 2020. Travis received his Bachelor of Science degree in Business and Public Administration in November 2011.

November 2011

Travis becomes a Republican and shares this pivotal moment with former Republican presidential candidate, Herman Cain.

January 2014

His dream is to use his life experiences to inspire youth and become a positive force in their lives by sharing his story. His mission is to help teenagers, parents, teachers, coaches, and youth group directors to understand their lives and use hope as a tool for positive change. Travis launched his inspirational youth outreach project, the Change Youth Project, in January of 2014, upon his book release entitled, “Change If I Can, You Can”..


November 2017

Travis meets current sitting president, Donald J. Trump and Melissa Hall, author and professional speaker.

Dear DeVante and Tatiyana,

It has been ten years since you both have been living with me here in Arizona. We have had great times, fun times, enjoyable times, challenging times and rewarding times. First, I want to thank you for helping me to become a better dad, and for challenging me to be the best dad ever. The joy you have given your dad daily is amazing…

For the past ten years, I may have made some mistakes along the way, and you have watched me take responsibility for my actions. You have seen your dad at his lowest points in life, whether that was financially or health-wise. You have seen me battle back and give us the best place to live in the Estrella Mountain Ranch Community. You have been by my side…

“Love is giving up something I value, in exchange for enriching someone else’s Life”.

– Travis Angry

Travis and his family resides in Goodyear, Arizona as a single father with his two children, Tatiyana and DeVante.